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Zirconium Crowns

Teeth are always in fashion


Average Stay

1 week

Duration of Hospital Stay


Duration of Operation

2-3 visits in 5 days

Type of Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia

Recovery Time


What is
zirconium crown?

Zirconium Crowns, which offer a natural and aesthetic smile, are one of the important applications of cosmetic dentistry. Zirconium, classified as a member of the titanium family, is processed in special furnaces and made into zirconia ceramics, and used in cosmetic dentistry. It is a natural material that is tissue-compatible, does not cause allergic reactions, is highly durable, provides color integrity, eliminates hot-cold sensitivity.


It is included in the group of metal-free Crowns. Since it has high light transmittance, it looks natural and does not create a shadowy appearance like metal crowns. One of the popular applications of cosmetic dentistry in recent years, Hollywood smile is one of the materials frequently used in smile design.

What are the advantages of zirconium crowns?

  • It is durable and long-lasting: A well-made Zirconium Crown will be no different from a healthy natural tooth. It is highly resistant to abrasions.


  • It does not contain metal: Patients with metal allergies can easily use Zirconium Crowns and, like other metal-containing Crowns, the taste of metal is not felt in the mouth.


  • It doesn’t stain and go yellowing: Zirconium Crowns, which are quite durable compared to other Crowns, do not require a special maintenance routine. As a result of regular practice of your daily oral care, you can use it in a healthy way for life.


  • Less abraded tooth: In the treatment of crown with zirconium, the tooth is less eroded than in other Crowning methods. At the same time, even very sensitive and attention-demanding dental problems can be easily treated with zirconium treatment.


  • High Light Transmittance: Zirconium Crowns have greater light transmittance than metal-assisted Crowns, which makes the tooth Crown look more natural. Black lines and darkening around the gums seen in metal-supported Crowns are not encountered in Zirconium Crowns.


  • Plaque formation is not observed: Its surface is completely smooth and sheltered. Zirconium Crown, which is compatible with gums, is also reliably applied in patients prone to gingival disorders.


  • Its heat sensitivity is low: Since the temperature conductivity is low, the hot and cold sensitivity commonly encountered in other crowns is not seen in Zirconium Crowns. There is no feeling of discomfort when consuming iced drinks or drinking a hot soup.

How is
zirconium crown made?

Zirconium dental treatment is carried out in several stages. After the patient’s expectations are listened to and problems that may be an obstacle to oral health treatment are detected, a treatment plan is prepared. The structure, color, size, shape, the harmony of the teeth with each other, and harmony with the gums, lips, and face shape are important.


Therefore, computer-generated designs are used for Zirconium Crown today. It takes about 7 days for the teeth to be reduced by abrasion before the Crowning, the selection of Zirconium Crown, digital processes, mold creation, determination of dimensions, preparation of the Crown, and the completion of the process.


Stages of treatment:


  • The teeth are slightly reduced.

  • Measurements are taken from the teeth.

  • Models are created in the laboratory from the measurements taken. Color and size adjustments are made.

  • Zirconium is created and porcelain is prepared.

  • The Crown, which is harmonized for the tooth, is integrated with the tooth using special adhesives.

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