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DHI (CHOI Pen) Beard Transplant

Get your beard style and change your look

Image by Paul Kim

Average Stay

3 days

Duration of Hospital Stay


Duration of Operation

6-8 hours

Type of Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia

Recovery Time

4 days

What is a DHI (CHOI Pen) Beard Transplant?

DHI is an abbreviation of the concept known as Direct Hair Implantation. After removing the hair follicles from the donor area with the help of special needles, they are placed in the area where the transplantation will be performed. DHI Beard Transplantation performed without shaving is important for a quick transplant.

DHI Beard Transplantation is performed in areas with low hair density, rather than in areas that are not completely hairless. Against this background, it is likely to achieve more successful results. The DHI method may be preferred to perform a Beard Transplantation that is suitable for the patient’s facial features and will adapt to his beard.

How is DHI Beard Transplant Performed?

If it is desired to perform Beard Transplantation using the DHI method, 2 different methods will likely be used. In this context, beard-to-beard or hair-to-beard transplantation operations can be performed. The operation begins for the best quality result in accordance with the patient’s condition and the final decision of the hair transplantation specialist.

Local anesthesia is used in DHI Beard Transplantation. After local anesthesia, the hairs taken from the donor area are planted directly in the area where the beard is little or none. It is aimed to achieve naturalness and a high-quality appearance during transplantation performed with special tips. In this way, any scar formation is prevented. Beard Transplantation is completed between 2 and 3 hours depending on the patient’s beard condition.

What to Look for Before DHI Beard Transplant?

Regardless of the method to be used before Beard Transplantation, patients should carefully consider the warnings. Otherwise, the Beard Transplantation process will not reach the desired point, and the patient is very likely to experience disappointment. Therefore, you should prepare for the DHI Beard Transplantation application by considering the following details.

  • You should avoid bad habits such as alcohol and smoking before Beard Transplantation,

  • You should not use blood thinners and inform the hair transplantation specialist about the drugs you are using,

  • You should wear clothes that will prevent your beard from rubbing,

  • You should get support from a specialist about shaving your beard.

If you take action taking into account all these details, you can achieve a successful result related to hair transplantation. In particular, the preliminary preparation for the healing process, which will take place under the leadership of a hair transplantation specialist, should be well done.

What to Look for After the DHI Beard Transplant?

You need to know what kind of situations you will face after DHI Beard Transplantation applications. Especially thanks to the alternatives that will speed up the healing process, it is possible to get the most accurate results.

  • After Beard Transplantation, it is necessary to avoid any intervention in the transplanted area and donor area,

  • Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided for 15 days,

  • It is necessary not to worry about the shock spill experienced after Beard Transplantation,

  • You should know that you should not scratch your beard in response to crusting and itching,

  • During the healing process, you should take into account the recommendations of a hair transplant specialist.

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