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Fox Eyes

If you deal with a fox, think of its tricks

Eyes and Brows

Average Stay

2 days

Duration of Hospital Stay


Duration of Operation

1 hour

Type of Anesthesia

Local-General Anesthesia

Recovery Time

1 week

What is Fox Eyes?

Fox eyes is an aesthetic operation that eliminates the effects of aging seen in human life due to environmental and genetic factors.  Although it is mainly performed with aesthetic concerns, this procedure is among the must-haves of life to get a healthy future. The Fox Eyes operation, which is preferred by people who want to change the shape of their eyes, is often preferred.

Who Prefers the Fox Eyes Application?

It is widely preferred by women and recently by men. Non-surgical Fox Eyes operation is a very critical application that should be performed by professionals. It means radical changes related to the face, which is the most visually significant part of the human body. The error/deficiency in this operation can have serious consequences. When this is the case, the choice of a doctor for a non-surgical Fox Eyes operation becomes a very valuable issue.

What is the Rope Stretching Technique?

Whether you are a woman or a man, you may want your eyes to look much more beautiful. In this case, you need to resort to aesthetic operations. However, more successful solutions are possible with the alternative known as the non-surgical Fox Eyes operation.  You can check out the Fox Eyes application, which is one of the most important applications known as fox eyes in English, in all its details below.

Is the Fox Eyes Process Permanent?

It is also necessary to state that the fox eyes procedure, which can be combined with different aesthetic applications, is the most ideal solution for the last period. The persistence of the procedure may vary depending on the wrinkles on the skin type applied.

How does the Fox Eyes Application Take Place?

Fox Eyes’ thoroughness should always be at the forefront at the stage of carrying out the operation. Thus, the result that will be obtained will also be of better quality and flawless. Based on this understanding, the patient is given local anesthesia and the procedure is started. The fact that general anesthesia is not required allows the patient to recover in a shorter time.

The necessary markings are made here by determining the areas where the stretching will be performed. Stretching is performed with threads placed in these areas using thin needles. It is worth mentioning that the almond eye operation is not very long-lasting. Moreover, the probability of complications is also quite low.

To whom Can the Fox Eyes Application Be Made?

The Fox Eyes application can be applied to all individuals who are uncomfortable with their eye shape.

What Is the Process Like After Fox Eyes?

It is necessary to state that the stretching that has taken place will cause slight bruises in the first place. But these bruises, which will pass in a short time, do not prevent you from returning to your daily life. After the operation, it is necessary to avoid a blow to the face and eye, itching of the face and eye, or sleeping on your face. You should not wipe your eyes with makeup and a towel. It is possible to avoid these stages when the healing process is completed. It is possible to have a more beautiful eye structure with this operation, the effect of which lasts up to 2 years.

What Should I Pay Attention to After the Non-Surgical Fox Eyes Operation?

After a non-surgical Fox Eyes operation, you should be sensitive to the following issues. Otherwise, the result will not be as you would like.

• You can use painkillers under the supervision of a doctor against pain,

• In the first 1 week, you should stay away from jaw movements such as yawning,

• You should not go to the sauna and hammam for the first 1 week,

• You should protect your face from the sun’s rays,

• You should not perform a dental operation or facial surgery within 3 weeks after the operation.

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