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FUE Sapphire Beard Transplant

Get your beard style and change your look


Average Stay

3 days

Duration of Hospital Stay


Duration of Operation

6-8 hours

Type of Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia

Recovery Time

4 days

What is FUE Sapphire Beard Transplant?

FUE Sapphire Beard Transplantation is one of the Beard Transplantation methods. As is known, the beard has extremely great importance in terms of the aesthetic values of men. A great aesthetic concern occurs in men if there are spills on the beards or if the beard is less than congenital. This condition, popularly known as leathery, can even cause trauma.

If the Beard Transplantation operation is performed with FUE Sapphire Beard Transplantation, quite effective results may occur. Moreover, the Beard Transplantation method in question also allows you to have natural beards. As part of this method, the hair follicles in the donor area taken from the patient are transplanted into the beard one by one. The most important reason why this method is used much more intensively than other methods is that there are no traces left in any way.

How is FUE Sapphire Beard Transplant Performed?

We mentioned that the most commonly used method in Beard Transplantation is the FUE Sapphire technique. In this direction, we can generally explain how the transplantation process is performed together with the following steps.

  • The first step in FUE Sapphire Beard Transplantation is to determine the donor area. The donor area is usually the neck area that is located closest to the beard area and does not cause any aesthetic problems in any way.

  • If there are not enough hair follicles on the neck and cheekbones, the hair follicles located in the nape area are preferred as donors.

  • Another step in Beard Transplantation is to determine how many hair follicles are needed in the area to be transplanted. After that, the grooving process is carried out in the region where the transplantation will be performed. According to the width and angle of the hair follicles, it is necessary to open the channels most accurately.

    • Grafts are collected from the donor area after the grooving process. It is ensured that the grafts are taken one by one through a fine-tip device, which is expressed as a specified number of micromotors.

  • The received hair roots are placed in the channels that are opened one by one. The placement process in question should be treated with care. It is necessary to place the hair follicles at the right angle and direction. Otherwise, an unnatural appearance will appear. This will create an aesthetic problem in beards, which is the most important aesthetic phenomenon of the face.

Things to Consider After FUE Sapphire Beard Transplant

Many details need to be paid attention to after FUE Sapphire Beard Transplantation. The details in question are generally as follows.

  • The first washing process is performed within 1 to 3 days after Beard Transplantation. It is necessary that the patient carefully protects this area and does not wash it until the first washing procedure.

  • It may be necessary to perform the first washing procedure at the clinic.

  • The area should not be shaved in any way until your doctor gives permission.

  • The use of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages should be avoided for a while.

  • After Beard Transplantation, a shock-shedding process will occur. This process varies from person to person. A shock spill is an extremely normal spill. The hair follicles are located under the skin.

  • It may take 8 to 12 months for healing and final formation of beards. This process may take shorter for some people.

  • After Beard Transplantation, you should perform beard care procedures as recommended by your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At what age can Beard Transplantation be performed?

It is recommended that men wait until they are at least 20 years old to have a Beard Transplant.

  • How many sessions does Beard Transplantation require?

It is performed as a single session with the intensity you want.

  • When to shave after Beard Transplantation?

After Beard Transplantation, it can be shaved with care after about 10 days.

  • Is there any pain after Beard Transplantation?

After the operation, pain may occur in the area. But you can use a painkiller recommended by your doctor to relieve pain.

If you complete the entire process under the guidance of a hair transplantation specialist, it will be possible for you to meticulously complete the process to make your beard look natural.

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