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Neck Lift

Its your right having a thin neck as well

Natural Beauty

Average Stay

1 week

Duration of Hospital Stay

1 day

Duration of Operation

1-2 hours

Type of Anesthesia

Local-General Anesthesia

Recovery Time

2 weeks

What is a neck lift?

Wrinkles may occur in the neck area due to various reasons, such as age, and stress. The accumulation of fat occurs due to the consequences of weight gain in the neck area, the so-called chin. Due to excessive greasiness in this area, the chin and chin area can be combined. Sagging will occur in this area after people start to lose weight.

Sagging in the jaw area can be eliminated with today’s surgical operations. Of course, problems in the neck area are not just sagging. As people get older, wrinkles form in this area. Wrinkles on the neck are eliminated thanks to the neck lift operation.  In this direction, we can express that individuals prefer neck lift operations to get rid of wrinkles in the neck area.

Neck Lift Surgery Techniques

Neck lift surgeries are usually performed in an integrated way with facelift surgeries. However, this is not required. Neck lifts can also be performed alone. In addition, people with a high-fat content in the neck area can also have liposuction. These removal operations can be performed using two techniques. The first method is a classic neck-lifting technique. 

This technique is applied to patients whose skin is very damaged and has high wrinkles. Tightening and lifting operations can be performed in the jaw area with incisions made from the lower part of the jaw. Another technique used in neck lift surgery is the sling technique. The materials used in this technique are placed in the jaw area and pulled upwards and the sagging is tightened. However, this method is not suitable for people who have a lot of sagging and wrinkles in the chin area. It is applied in people with less sagging and wrinkles.

When starting the operation, the patient is anesthetized. The type of anesthesia that is most suitable for the patient is determined, and the operation is performed accordingly. After that, incisions are made in areas with sagging problems. The size of these cuts depends on the amount of fat in the body, the amount of excess skin to be removed from the body, and the location of the saggy area. When incisions are made, the necessary stretching procedures are performed. Finally, the incisions are sewn and the process is terminated.

What Should Be Considered After Neck Lift Aesthetics?

  • After neck aesthetics, people should not make any forced movements for at least a week.

  • Sudden neck movements should be avoided for the first few weeks.

  • You should wait 2-3 weeks to swim. Because the area where the surgery is performed is very sensitive, it can take a blow from the swimming time and this can have bad consequences.

  • Bruising, swelling, and redness may occur after surgery. These bruises will disappear in a few weeks.

  • You can use the painkiller recommended by your doctor for pain that will occur after surgery.

The Process of Recovery After a Neck Lift

After the operation, the treated areas are bandaged. In particular, it should be wrapped tightly to minimize swelling. The rate of recovery varies in different parts of the body. Therefore, in some cases, it is impossible to talk about complete recovery. However, it is possible to see the results immediately after the body lifting operations. The operated areas will have tighter and straighter lines than before the operation. But it will take some time to get the most accurate result. Because there will be swelling and bruises on the body.

Many complications can occur after a neck lift operation. The most important of these is pulmonary, which can develop into sepsis, and blood clotting, which also leads to infection. This condition occurs extremely rarely. In cases such as fever, pain that becomes small over time, or swelling that occurs most often, you should contact your doctor.

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