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Image by Ozkan Guner

Average Stay

1 week

Duration of Hospital Stay


Duration of Operation

2-3 visits in 5 days

Type of Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia

Recovery Time


What is
e-max veneer?

One of the new-generation treatments used in dental aesthetic applications is the E-max Veneer method. It is the newest member of the Empress porcelain family, the durability of which has been increased by firing glass ceramics without using metal. Therefore, it is named “E-Max”, which means “Maximum Empress”. It contains lithium disilicate and it increases the transparency and light permeability of the material. This provides the applied veneers to have a more aesthetic and vibrant appearance.

What are the advantages of
e-max veneer?

  • ​High Light Transmittance: The light transmittance of the E-max Veneer is quite high, thus it offers a non-matte, transparent, and close to a natural appearance.

  • Color Diversity: With a lot of color options, the closest tone to natural teeth can be selected. The possibility of trying colors before the operation makes the result look more natural.


  • It Does Not Contain Metal: There is no metal substructure or zirconium contained in other alternatives. It is safely used in patients with metal allergies and does not create a taste of metal in the mouth. Unlike metal-containing alternatives, purple color formation is not seen on the gums and edges of the teeth.


  • Biocompatible: It does not cause gingival reactions. Since the substances in it are completely compatible with the teeth and gums, they do not damage the tooth structure and do not cause gum recession.


  • Plaque Formation Is Not Seen: The smooth surface prevents plaque formation. Thanks to the E-max Veneer method, the formation of the tooth cavity is prevented due to the lack of a suitable environment for bacterial formation on the tooth surface.


  • It is useful: It does not create any dissatisfaction with the patients after the application and offers an extremely luxurious experience.

How to apply
e-max veneer?

E-max dental treatment is carried out in several stages. This treatment lasts approximately 1 week with a total of 2-3 sessions. It is not possible to remain toothless during the application. The temporary veneer is applied until it is done permanently. During the e-max veneer, the patient can easily continue his/her daily life.


Stages of Treatment:


  • First of all, the patient’s teeth photos are taken, then the measurements are taken. In the digital environment, a special smile design for the patient is created.

  • The teeth are eroded up to 2 mm by applying local anesthesia and prepared for veneering.

  • The teeth are measured again for veneering, at this stage, temporary teeth are prepared and glued to the patient.

  • Suitable E-max veneers for measurements are prepared in a laboratory environment.

  • The prepared teeth are glued by using special adhesives.

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